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Reneé Rapp Reveals a New Album Is a ‘Reflection’ On Her ’23rd Year’

Reneé Rapp gave insight into what fans can expect in new album.

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Renee Rapp at the Spotify Best New Artist Party held at Paramount Studios on February 1, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Gilbert Flores/Billboard via Getty Images)
Image Credit: Billboard via Getty Images

Reneé Rapp hinted at a new album during an episode of Instagram’s “Close Friends Only” podcast with actress Rachel Sennott that was released on Thursday, June 27.

“[Age] 23 to 24 has been a massive difference for me…It’s [the album] also about, like, a reflection on my, like, 23rd year specifically,” shared the 24-year-old “Not My Fault” singer.

“23 is f*****g crazy. It’s so crazy. It was like the most insane year of my life,” chimed in the 28-year-old actress.

During the episode, the Mean Girls musical actress gave insight into the crazy year that inspired her upcoming record, “It was like the most insane year of my life. But it’s also, like, you kind of have a crazy glow-up that year because you shed everything. You’re in constant chaos. And then what’s really crazy is when you hit the Saturn return, which is what I’m at right now. It starts at 27. Things you thought you learned at 23 come back around.”

This album announcement follows the release of Snow Angel in 2023 which consisted of 16 songs.

Aside from music talk, the duo updated themselves on whether they have “finstas” – private Instagram accounts. “It’s kind of old and it feels sort of out of use, kind of… I used to post like tea. I used to post like really crazy s**t  on my insta and then there was a snake.”

 “I have a public finsta that I love posting on so much. All of like my angry moments, we really come out there,” Reneé added.

Although the two got to give insight on their Hollywood lives and current projects, it made it relatable— in which the podcast was specifically designed to connect both the artist and audience.  As stated, by Eshan Ponnadurai, VP and global head of marketing for Instagram parent company Meta, the show was “Inspired by our Close Friends feature, the podcast brings together some of culture’s most iconic celebrities and creators to highlight the ways people connect and get creative on Instagram in a fun and unfiltered look into each duo’s lives.